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    Deluxe Animated Brewing Witch Duo

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    • Animated, life-size Halloween figures
    • Motion-activated to work their magic
    • “Flames”& cauldron light; eyes glow
    • Witches talk back & forth; one stirs
    • Indoor/covered outdoor versatility
    👻 OVERVIEW 👻

    A little scary at first, but get close enough to hear the conversation and these two are a hoot! Our Animated Brewing Witch Duo is motion-activated to get the party started: eyes light, while embers and cauldron “fire up,” glowing orange from within. One witch begins to stir the pot and the conversation between the two is designed to entertain (mouths move and the discourse flows back and forth between them). Keep plenty of spooky snacks on hand, this prop will draw a crowd.

    • Witches take turns speaking in each of four scripts:
      • “On a cold autumn night, when the cauldron begins to boil… I can see you’re full of fright and your fun begins to spoil. Hee hee. Don’t be caught without a friend to keep you on a well-lit path. Or soon you might meet your end, sitting in our cauldron bath.” (Both cackle.)
      • “Ah, the embers have our bubbling brew simmering nicely. And all the fiendish ingredients have been added! Save for one, an unsuspecting victim! Maybe I can charm someone into coming closer to smell its aroma. Anybody care to take a dip?” (Both cackle.)
      • “Come cloooser, my dear, only good witches here! Yesss, and we have only the most nutritious, delicious soup in this cauldron. Like to have a try? We promise, it won’t turn you into a toad (stifling a snicker). My stars, nooo! At least not for several hours!” (Both cackle.)
      • As if reciting a spell: “Bubbling cauldron with vulture gizzards. Yes, vulture gizzards. I summon the spirits with roasted lizards? Yes, roasted lizards. Gretel, can you just let me say the spell? I’m sorry, Hildie, this is one of my favorites, I can’t help but sing along! It does have a good tune to it, doesn’t it?” (Both cackle.)
    • Highly detailed, molded plastic face; realistic hair
    • Black fabric gowns and hats, with unique embellishments
    • Orange LED eyes on both witches light when activated
    • Built onto metal framework; all three pieces (2 witches and cauldron) are connected when assembled
    • Includes one-piece cauldron and “flame/coals” base; light with orange LED when activated
    • Three-way switch: on/off/motion activated
    • Plugs into standard outlet; 72" lead cord
    • Convenient volume control
    • Assembly required
    40"W x 32"D x 72"H, 19 lbs.


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